The day my fart followed Santa up the chimney by Sam Lawrence and Ben Jackson (Book Review #388)

The day my fart followed Santa up the chimney is a children’s story. It is Christmas and it is snowing. Timmy decides to go outside sledding. When fart tells Timmy that he has never been sledding, Timmy gladly takes him for a ride.

Fart does not know what Christmas is either. He has never been around for Christmas and therefore, Timmy begins to explain everything there is to know about it. As Christmas Eve arrives, Fart walks down to see Santa and they have a sweet conversation together.

I have read Timmy and Fart’s adventure for a while now and each time I have enjoyed their adventures. The books have a very stylish and pleasant illustration of its stories and the subject matter has always been suitable for its target audience.

I particularly enjoyed the part where fart fly’s away with Santa and stay up all night with him.

I recommend this book to parents that are looking for a fun read and enjoyable story for their children.

Written by Jeyran Main

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