Asleep from day by Margarita Montimore (Book Review #391)

Asleep from day is a psychological suspense and romantic story about Astrid. The story is based in Boston, and Astrid has a car accident that erases her memory. As flashbacks and dreams follow along with her, she vaguely remembers a guy named Theo. In pursuit of who he was and what that means, she meets Oliver. While the story interchanges between what is real and what’s not, the plot unravels revealing a truly extraordinary story to be read.

Astrid is an extremely loving character. Almost immediately you can connect and bond with her situation and her feelings. The intensified dark mystery in the storyline definitely added to its multidimensional aspect of enforcing the reader to contemplate what scene is real.

The world building was great. The description was just enough, enabling the reader to visualize through the scenes and enjoy the twists of the story. Having a good storyline is not the only thing this book offers. It also came with great writing.

The literature standard was very unique to its plot. Even to the end, the story had you guessing and wondering. What did, however, make me wonder was the ending. It did not provide a full closure and subjected the reader to its own interpretation. Knowing that there is no sequel to this book, I was a little confused on what merit this had and the impression it left.

I believe the entire experience was very different and I thoroughly enjoyed how the literature was dominating my train of thoughts to the end.

Written by Jeyran Main

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