Into Autumn: A Story of Survival by Larry Landgraf (Book Review #192)

This review was written for Online Book Club

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

This book was an “ Book of the Day.”

Into Autumn is a science fiction story written about a man named Lars Lindgren. An apocalypse has happened ending any electricity, water, services, and gasoline. Life is hard for everyone, and Lars is able to somehow survive by planting vegetables on his 40-acre land and eating off the fish and animals he traps. A woman named Eileen knocks on his doorstep, and that is when things really begin to ship shape. The story unfolds with a few twists and turns, wrapped with a description of Lars life right up until the end.

The beauty about this book is that it provides an excellent description of how to survive in really harsh situations. The author manages to excel in that aspect and make it as realistic as possible. The story was very absorbing and interesting to read. The characters were relatable and were developed delightfully. Every character had a different way of dealing with things, and the author manages to give each character a point of view without making it confusing.


Another enjoyable fact about this book was that it did not jump from one scene to another just to force excitement or induce a false thrilling effect. Every scene was smooth, well written and a pleasure to read.

The literature standard was admirable, and there were no annoying editing issues you would usually see in books nowadays. I felt that the layout of the story was well thought out, and the realistic approach this author has made towards the plot is what makes it unique and worth the read.

Written by Jeyran Main


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