Hardened Hearts by Unnerving Magazine (Book Review #394)

Hardened Hearts is a collection of 17 stories that are dark, and some are about love and heartache. Since the collection is written by various writers, each possessed a different kind of style and literature to its own nature of plot and storyline. This worked well for the book because there was bound to be one story that would sit well with its reader.

Some of the stories stood out compared to the rest, and I believe it all depends on the notion at hand, which is the perspective of its reader. For instance, “What is Love” was a story about magic and love. Or, “Learning to love” was about a twisted and painful love.

I believe the fact that the authors decided to mix love and horror into the mix was a brilliant idea. The literature was varied but strong, and each to its own was enjoyable to read. The other advantage this book has is that you could read a story per night.

I recommend this book to people that enjoy short stories and appreciate dark horror fiction novels.

Written by Jeyran Main

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