The Robber of Youth by Keith Julius (Book Review #195)

This review was kindly requested by Keith Julius

The Robber of Youth is the third book in ‘The CASA Chronicles’. Rosaletta Guiterrez is only fifteen when she loses her brother and her mother kicks her out. She is abused living at home and once thrown out she thinks that things will get better however, they get worse. She befriends a man believing that he is going to save her from her horrible situation; instead, she ends up being involved in a sex trafficking ring.

I believe the author’s intentions bring about a story that is heartfelt and extraordinary. The lead character has such core emotions and deals with immense amount of pain trying to figure things out, in her own childish way.


Children do go astray when they have no one to lean back on and the problem does raise the issue. The literature standard was outstandingly delightful. There are depth, emotions and real life situations described in an honest and authentic way within the content of the story. No one will think the same way after reading this book.

The author’s previous works also revolve around similar child abuse fictional novels. In fact, CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates that work through the judicial system, and advocate for children in cases of child abuse and child neglect.

I highly recommend this book to people that enjoy fiction and reading on subjects that are real and sensitive to the heart.

Written by Jeyran Main

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