On Being Human | Bibiana Krall

On Being Human | Bibiana Krall

Trials, challenges, and noise cloud our days. As humans, we all share common biology of skin, organs, bones and emotional needs. I am not merely human, but I am a mother, a female, and a deep thinker.

When we stop listening to our inner voice, we become less than what we could be. How can one be more than they were yesterday? Why should we prod ourselves to nurture and dream in a world that does not cherish it; rather than survive and sustain? Ah! The ten-million-dollar question glimmers like an echo.

To clarify, I am a feminist. No, I have never burned a bra. If I had been born ten years earlier, you can bet all your money that answer would be totally different. Nor have I ever said, “I am better than you because I have female reproductive parts and you do not.” When I say “feminist” I mean, I stand for women to take their power, to make room for their needs and to boldly live life with no shame for their bodies, dreams, aspirations or connection to the physical and mental transformation from woman to motherhood.

I have lived the life expected of a woman in modern society. Breadwinner, gourmet cook, diviner of mysterious ailments, always with a career minded progression. In the three-ringed circus of expectation, I realized that somewhere along the way, I’d missed a few things my traditional mother understood.

She was the quintessential homemaker. Children came one after another, making a pristine home and well-chosen meals with a thrift and savvy for staying inside a tight budget. I have attempted to do all that. Coloring inside the lines was never my forte. When I was pregnant, I did not have support at home, or a hardworking husband to offer empathy or support. Staying home was a tough choice because where I reside, there is no state mandate for paid leave. I barely had enough money to live. How would I manage?

I began to save, a little less here and there added up. My employer graciously gave me a bonus, which helped me take one month away from an extremely stressful job. In a world where many of us barely connect in a real way, must we take this time?

I say yes. I say take care of you. Minimize your world to a safe, beautiful, and unforgettable meeting. One soul to another, humanity needs more of this. Please consider carving out a much-needed space. Make a plan on how you can create this time for yourself and your family. The glass ceiling will be patiently waiting for you to smash it.

On airplanes during the emergency briefing, they always say, “Apply your oxygen mask, then help another.” Do whatever it takes to keep the balance, seek serenity. Above all else, forge lasting connections with your children that will carry you with loving strength into the great beyond.

We are only human, after all.

Bibiana Krall, MA, Writer

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