The Case of the Twitter Troll by Tim Price (Book Review #169)

This review was kindly requested by Tim Price.

The case of the twitter troll is a fiction thriller written about Kyle and Ally. They are both tired of the old fashioned police rules and problems, so they open up their own agency tracking down cyberspace crimes and related social media felonies.

As they both receive their first mission from a celebrity they realize that they have their hands full. The celebrity in question is having a problem with an online bully that is sending threats and is trolling the celebrity.

I initially thought that this book was not going to intrigue me. The concept of cyberspace and it being connecting to any serious crime seemed a little off reach to me however, the author really managed to convince me that if push does come to shove, then your life really can be affected by it.

I particularly liked how the book used term phrases like “keyboard warriors” as a reference to people who believe that they face no consequences, by typing behind their keyboards and that they are untouchable.

I found the literary standard to be well written. The content had a steady flow and the connectivity between the chapters and the paragraphs were well thought out. I believe that the book would benefit from more description and character backstory. Otherwise, I highly recommend this book for anyone that is looking for a thriller fiction with a hint of romance.

The world has changed and so has its crimes. I believe that the plot was original and that this author has great potential in producing well-written tales.

Written by Jeyran Main


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