The Disenchanted Wizard by Mike Crowl (Book Review #168)

This review was requested by Mike Crowl.

The third children’s book in the Grimhilderness series is The Disenchanted Wizard. I, unfortunately, have not read the first two books and my review is purely based on the third book alone. I did, however, notice that the author has mentioned that the third book is a stand alone and will then be put together with the first two books after the fourth is written. My recommendation, having read the third book would be to not read book fourth until the first three have been read.

The Disenchanted is a story written about a girl named Della. She loves soccer and her favorite team player is, Xanadu Whitworth. She is very close to her cousin Harold who happens to bring a very mysterious antique map to show her. The map turns out to possess some kind of magic that traps them and takes them into a completely different world.


Della’s father has seen the map before and knows of its powers so when he sees the map, he instantly shows a reaction to it and pursues to find a person that knows more and, can help. The children and Mr. Crinch then have to find a way to stop a bad wizard named, Evan Hoyle from taking over the city.

This children’s book has everything suitable to engage and intrigue the young mind. It is full of action, thriller, educational and positive messages, as well as the fun and, exciting adventure one normally looks for in a tale.

The plot and of course the characters were very well aligned together, eliminating any loopholes or questionable events. The paragraphs and the layout of the work were in good standing and the pace of the story was not fast or slow enough to challenge the young mind. I believe this book will be a great addition to the series and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Written by Jeyran Main

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