Escape from Samsara by Nicky Blue (Book Review #405)

Escape is a dark comedy about Barry Harris who still lives with his mom and has fantasy adventures about being a lethal ninja. This humorous tale begins with Barry, trying to find his dad who went missing 25 years ago. He trims hedges for a living and is adamant to find the lost pieces of the puzzle which may save his father.

I found this story to be very funny. The literature was filled with content that made the reader laugh out loud. Barry is definitely a funny character, and his personality is developed very well. There are quite a few other casting crew in this story that play an essential role in making this book enjoyable to read.

I believe anyone that likes to read humorous stories would thoroughly enjoy this one. I would caution that the nature of the humor does sway towards the male side and the British slang is embedded within the content of the work.

Writing a story maybe easy but to make it this funny and enjoyable to read is not. I appreciate the author’s sense of humor and humility in creating such literary work.

Written by Jeyran Main

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