Incrusted: Hiding the demon within by Annora Wilson (Book Review #409)

Incrusted is a paranormal story about a girl named Ingrid. She has been on the road moving all the time until finally her chance for a new start happens. She can now stay wherever she chooses since she has to go to college. Being the odd one out she has had visions before and things finally make sense to her when she eventually meets two men that provide her insights into what she really is.

The story is filled with werewolves, witches, warlocks, and vampires. There are also fragments of romance embedded in the story creating an altogether, enjoyable read. The story focused on Ingrid’s journey, but I felt that it had three lead characters. The personalities were described and drawn well, and the pace of the story kept you intrigued.

One thing that could really improve the literature would be hiring a professional editor. As an editor myself, I could pick up on so many matters that took away the essence of the story for me. I kept getting distracted from the mistakes, and if that does not bother any other reader, then I can recommend this book to them.

Written by Jeyran Main

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