Black Gold by Augustine Sam (Book Review #193)

This review was kindly requested by Augustine Sam

Black Gold is a thriller romance written about an interracial couple that are in love and marry after graduating, with first class degrees. Jessica is white and into Economics. Femi is black and into Chemistry. Femi ends up landing a really good job. They fly to see if the job is suitable and soon find out that Femi’s boss is potentially wrecking their marriage. Being chief of staff to a corrupt minister is not why he really went to school for. The story consists of multiple stories intertwined and scenarios played out, working against them being together, which was also racially connected.


I felt that the story was written well and the plot was realistically put together. The ending does not bring much closure to the reader and the characters lacked some depth, however, all together I believe the author has great potential in creating edgy and sensitive works.

I particularly liked the title of the book. It really blends with the storyline and I believe it displays how much research has gone into the created work. Things really do go south for Femi, and I found the character to be very interesting, considering what he had to deal with.

There is an incident where Femi is confronted by his parents. He brings the news that he is a married man, returning home. His parents then tell him that they have chosen a wife for him and disapprove of Jessica, in a very insulting way. I believe this segment is written superbly and displays the strength and potential this author has for great writing.

I believe anyone that enjoys thriller suspense romance novels would enjoy this one.

Written by Jeyran Main

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