Dining and Driving with Cats – Alice Unplugged by Pat Patterson (Book Review #216)

This review was requested by, D.A. Whitaker

Dining and Driving with Cats is a beautiful book written about Pat, Alice and their two cats, Munchie and Tuffy. They travel from Mexico to Atlanta, and then Georgia. They try something, which my husband and I did, sample food as much as possible from different food stops. On the way, they meet new people, have an adventure, deal with their two wonderful cats, and altogether share their experience with you.


I found this story to be very interesting to read. In fact, it was very relatable as I had done the same thing but with my two dogs. The story brought back memories of how much fun I had and therefore, the book was even more engaging to me than anything else.

I appreciated the additional personal touches and the honesty of the tale. The work was easy to read and well put together. I thoroughly enjoyed the backstory on how they got together and the dynamic between the four was fun to read.

The Cats alone have such great personalities. I believe they could even benefit from having their own story. The literary standard was admirable. As you read, you feel as if you are part of their travel group and experience. This can only be possible if a writer grasps your attention, feeling, and bond with you through his writing. I believe Pat succeeds in doing this and for that reason, I believe this book is special.

I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading about traveling, food and also likes cats.

Written by Jeyran Main

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