Cursed Blood (Wolf Rage #1) by Ashley Marie (Book Review #217)

This review was kindly requested by Ashley Marie.

Cursed Blood is a story about three characters, Avery, Dean and, Kayden. The book begins with Avery. She is a 15-year-old girl witnessing her father being murdered. The harsh realities of things kick in causing her to be admitted to a psychiatric institution. Things get worse when she is taken care of by the uncle. Strange things happen to her causing Avery to question things and to think out of the box.

Kayden, on the other hand, is a shapeshifter and rage is his trigger. He needs to find a way to control his anger or else he will stay as an animal. Dean is a Wolf. He has been a wolf for a very long time and is used to behaving like an animal only until he meets Avery.


I found the plot to be genuinely pleasing to read. The characters are unique and truly mesh well together. I sometimes felt lost in the world setting but that didn’t take much away from the experience. The author has great potential in creating better and stronger work. It is apparent that she has spent time researching and laying out the plot; however, there were plausible factors in the plot that was noticeable. Having said this, if the book is to have a sequel to it then, it is a very smart way to cover all of the questions in the second book.

I believe anyone that is interested in paranormal fiction and enjoys a little romance will find this book to be a great read.

Written by Jeyran Main

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