Sentinel by L. D. Nash (Book Review #237)

This review was requested by L. D. Nash.

Sentinel is a paranormal fantasy novel written about a top assassin named, Luna Ashwind. A secret society of demon hunters finds her injured and unconscious. They save her life and with that, she begins working for them. Luna cannot remember her past or the person who she was before she was awakened again. Her memories are taken away from her. Luna is unaware of her destiny and what she is meant to accomplish. She also possesses the gift of telepathy with her friend Barr.

On the other side, Lucifer is in pursuit of three artifacts that produce a celestial weapon, a sword. He wants to have the talisman forge a biblical apocalypse without God’s consent. He is an angel created by God but sent to Hell when he waged war against him.

There are times when you finish reading a book and then, ponder on it. Not sure how I felt, I believe meant to be a good thing. Besides the fact that I found the storyline is not as original as I anticipated, I still did enjoy reading it. The lead character and her personality were appealing to me. Her backstory and the way she had to overcome fears was described very well. The writing style and the lyrical descriptiveness of heaven and hell were accomplished superbly.

The author manages to portray the characters in such a unique way that you even get to like the evil side of things just as much as you wish good to prevail. I believe that is what makes this book different to others. There is nice and steady pace from the beginning of the story and it is action packed with scenes that are exciting and thrilling to the reader.

I believe the story will appeal to the more younger audience and recommend this to readers that enjoy, magic, fantasy, and science fiction.

Written by Jeyran Main

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One Comment on “Sentinel by L. D. Nash (Book Review #237)

  1. I like it when a book less us explore the bad guys as well as the good, can make for more interesting characterisation.

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