Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein (Book Review #242)

This review was kindly requested by Walter Rhein.

Reckless Traveler is a travel autobiographical book written about how Walter Rhein recklessly travels through South America, with no set plans. His adventures take him to Venezuela and Chile, with him having visa issues, encountering cockroaches, bribery, murder, being robbed, and more. His words also have a philosophical description and an in-depth view which separates this book from others in its genre.

What I particularly enjoyed was the transformation of the character and how traveling had influenced him. Through the culture and experience gained, Walter changed, and that was very enjoyable to read. The book is entertaining and very funny as well. The journey taken is spontaneous and that’s why it is full of outrageously interesting dialect and description.


The chapters and the layout are smooth. The literary standard is in good quality. I barely noticed any grammatical issues. The book can be used as an educational tool as well. Similar to something like – What Not to Do.  It is a selection of daily life events with the added tourist spots and life lessons that have been learned from either mistakes or experiences.

I highly recommend this book to readers that enjoy travel books or just want to have some fun reading on someone else’s travel experiences.

Written By Jeyran Main

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