Wick by Matt Doyle (Book Review #240)

This review was kindly requested by Matt Doyle.

Wick is the first book of the Spark Form chronicles. The story is set in 2916 and it is about six characters attending a Magic card playing competition. The story is told with the first-person narrator alternating between the characters as each chapter moves forward. John, Fahrn, Maria, Meera, Lana, Connor are just a few of the interesting characters you get to meet. The story introduces you to a whole new dimension of artificial intelligence, games and digital life. The entire book revolves around the competition and what happens there but at the same time, it introduces the characters and their backgrounds for the further additional storyline.

I found the literature to be in good standing. Due to the book having a futuristic touch to it, the world contained advanced technology like time travel. Virtual characters are given human emotions and their thoughts and feelings are shared. The pace was steady and the connectivity between the chapters was very well put together.

The character development in this book is what stands out over everything else. The author does a spending job giving them sufficient back story. Each character has a certain personality, is relatable, and likable.

I recommend this book to science fiction fantasy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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