The Goddess by H.W. Vivian (Book Review #225)

This review was kindly requested by H.W. Vivian

The Goddess is a young adult novel written about Clara and her two brothers. She accidentally causes trouble which then leads to a war. The book is similar, in some aspects to War of Rain but this time the Stratos is allied with purists, which are like hippies, and the ice clan. Clara and her brothers have a secret and no one should find out. At the same time, a woman comes out of a computer in a matrix form. She has the power to commune and is called the Goddess. The woman predicts certain things for Clara that come true creating trouble in her mind.

The world setting takes place in a commune. It is all controlled by the Goddess. Each commune has a task to do every day and Clara has the task of disposing of waste. The story is again divided into parts. Each part evolves into the next one creating this intertwined, thrilling story. Clara’s destiny and faith can save the people and for that reason, her personality needed to be strong and relatable. The author succeeds in drawing out multi-dimensional characteristic virtues, creating this epic story of self-discovery.


Review of War of Rain


The literature was strong but easy to understand. The book is very suitable for the young adults and the message embedded within the content of the story is beautiful. The pace and the layout were smooth and connected. The story is shorter and more compact. I believe the author has great potential in writing similar style stories and look forward to reading more of her books.

Written by Jeyran Main

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