The Wealth Attraction Factor: Your Path To Infinite Abundance by Darren Burton (Book Review #224)

This review was kindly requested by Darren Burton.

The Wealth Attraction Factor is a non-fiction- short book written about ways to increase your income. The author demonstrates that by using the correct mindset one can achieve a very wealthy life. The book discusses how to monitor your thoughts and learn how to be logical and practical in order to learn how to effectively apply the law of attraction. It teaches you to attract wealth into your belief and it will come.

I particularly enjoyed the part where the author asks you to not focus on things you don’t have. It may sound really simple but we, as humans naturally wonder on the things we are limited on and use that as an excuse to not move up the ladder. I particularly learned this lesson a few years back when I was working at a place where they expected a high performance with limited recourses. I kept telling myself, how can I accomplish what they are seeking when I have no tools to do so. That is when I changed my mindset and I give credit to the book for reminding me of this lesson.

This isn’t a ‘How to get rich’ book but what it does is offer the most valuable lesson of all, and that is the power of the mind. The chapters are clear on what the discussion matter is going to be about. The literature is easy to understand. There is no complicated graph or a mountain to climb in order to achieve wealth. It is very realistic and true to the nature of things and if one really takes on board what the author is trying to say, then I believe they will be the true winners.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes to better themselves in life.

Written by Jeyran Main

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