Be in your Moment by Bibiana Krall

Be in your Moment  | Bibiana Krall

Be in the moment…

Everyone has heard this expression before, right? What does it really mean to you? This morning I realized that I need to take my own advice and send a little, fairy dust over to you as well.

This morning I was laying in my bed, reading morning emails, flipping through my Kindle to find a new book to enjoy and simultaneously watching a video about motivation on my iPad. This activity was all within the first five minutes after I opened my eyes.

Now stop! Hold it right there!

Dial back into your morning ritual. Was it anything like mine?

What the heck has happened to enjoy waking up? Stretch your legs and breathe. Be grateful in the dark or watch sunlight creep in through the curtains. If you are lucky enough to have someone you love right beside you, a good morning kiss or a shared coffee is one of the best ways to wake up and start the day.

When did we pass up this simplicity of one moment, for three, four or even five different things coming at us at once? It really boils down to savoring, experiencing, and tasting what is in front of us.

Certain types of obesity, depression, frustration and general discord, may eventually trace back to this simple concept. Of course, there are a million other reasons humans can be unhappy, lost in translation or quick to anger, but let’s stick to how you can stay on the bright side.


I challenge you to try this experiment for a week. Spend fifteen minutes when you wake up- any way you want to, doing only ONE thing that makes YOU happy.

Notice quietly how pure the focus is, remember this and hold on to how centered you feel. You are at the moment. You are engaging with one thing. Life, breath, affirmation and singular stimulus are amazing!

Your moment can be physical or mental exercise, a dramatic, movie style kiss (Yes, please!), eating a fresh peach or even hugging yourself. Give yourself this gift of fifteen moments of affirmation and see if it doesn’t make a remarkable difference in how you perceive yourself and other people you interact with throughout the day.

I used to think it was the big things that made the difference. As I get older, wiser, well… that is to be determined! Ha!

It’s is the slightest shift, that causes the biggest landslide.

Until next time, find your Peace, Love, Hustle and then Write.

Bibiana Krall is a returning student, who recently earned her MA in Creative writing and is actively pursuing her MFA in Fiction in the same program at Wilkes University CW.  She is a multi-genre novelist, short-story writer, world traveler, devoted mother and wife who writes memorable characters meant to inspire readers to embrace their inner power.


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