War of Rain by H.W. Vivian (Book Review #223)

This review was kindly requested by H.W. Vivian

War of Rain is a young adult fantasy novel written about a girl named Miri. Earth has moved closer to the sun causing geographical problems. The sky is no longer blue and the ground is dusty. Earth’s recourses have been reduced and barely anything can be grown to eat. Rain is a hot commodity. Miri and the people of her village pray to the God, Kalono in order to receive rain and then exchange it with other villagers for various resources. Miri’s people get attacked by the barbarians from the Stratos village and Miri accidentally kills one of them in defense.

This causes a great havoc between the two villagers. The leader of Stratos sends Miri on a mission to find an invention or else war is upon them. Scared but determined, Miri travels to find a solution to the problem. On her way, she meets a tribe called, Troposians and that is where Miri’s story blossoms. Her personality, choices she makes, emotions, growth, and encounters are what makes this compelling story unique.

Miri is only 15, however, due to the rough conditions and predicament she is left under, her character and personality have to behave more mature and her decisions face harsher consequences. I enjoyed this aspect of the book very much. I believe the author managed to describe the world setting in such a way that the reader would ponder on what they would do if they had fallen under such living conditions.

The book was easy to read and had a very nice flow to it. The pace was evenly spread out. The book is divided into three parts and each part evolves smoothly into the next one.

I believe the story is very suitable for younger adults and I recommended it to anyone that enjoys fantasy novels.

Written by Jeyran Main

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