Second Coming by D. B. Borton (Book Review #257)

Second Coming is a humorous science fiction story about Lawrence and Elvis, two aliens who have traveled to earth for the second time. Their mission is to bring a message, and that is if Earth does not stop sending weapons into space, then it will be destroyed.

The aliens had visited earth before and traveled to New Mexico to monitor the progress of the planet Earth. Elvis’s description is the replica of Elvis Presley, and the witty style of this fictional book does not end there. Hank, the alien abductee takes the lead with these two aliens, creating this funny- non-stop – science fiction story that brightens up your day.

At first, I found it very hard to get into the story. The pace was slow, and the storyline did not intrigue my interest. As I read more, I slowly got accustomed to the author’s literature and style of writing, and that is when I began to take in the humor and enjoyed the book. The story is filled with descriptive writing, and each scene is explained very well. It was clear that the author had succeeded in researching about the subject matter as I failed to notice any plausible loophole in the storyline.

The fact that the aliens had not visited Earth since 1950 was funny. They get lost and are not accustomed to all the changes that have happened since then. In addition, since Elvis looks like Elvis Presley, people go mad. Which made me think of how it would have been if we had the same thing happen to us today. I believe anyone that likes to read science fiction and is interested in aliens with a funny twist will find this book appealing.

The only thing I would improve with this book would be a better book cover. I was not a big fan of it.

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Written by Jeyran Main

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