Alpha Nine Kindle Edition by Rebecca Bosevski (Book Review #256)


Alpha Nine is a science fiction story about a seventeen-year-old clone boy named, Alpha Nine. The world is under alien invasion. Only the Project Swarm, which is a clone army bred by humans in order to protect them, can possibly stand against the aliens. The problem is that these clones have to go through a designed course “test” to have their wit, courage, and stamina evaluated. If they are not ready, they get destroyed. Alpha, discovers that the “tests’” are not actually to evaluate them but to eliminate them. His mission then becomes saving lives and standing against the force that is destroying them.

I couldn’t help but have the story remind me of the irobot film. Where he was different from all the other robots and yet he looked and operated obeying the same rules. The Robot still somehow felt things like humans did. Now, this story, of course, is different to this famous Hollywood story, however, it was worth a mention.


The literary standard for this book was in good standing. The world setting was what stood out for me. The setting and the characters were described in a very well manner, having the reader feel and understand the predicament these clones were under. The paragraphs and chapters were connected smoothly and the pace was steady through the book.

I believe the author did a job-well-done- creating a sci-fi story that is suitable for young adult fiction lovers and anyone that likes to read about high tech stories.

This review was kindly requested by Rebecca Bosevski.

Written by Jeyran Main

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