The Experiment of Professor Polgas by Sarah Brownlee (Book Review #260)

The Experiment is a young adult- young teen, fantasy style of a book written about Blaise, Ash, and Dinah. As the three are enjoying their summer holiday they come across this mystery woman who invites them to take a quiz on the internet. Little do they know that someone is watching them. The test is for them to find their inner spirit animal. The kids are exciting, funny and very interesting. What they thought was innocent fun becomes more than what they bargained for and that is when the adventure begins.

The style of writing for this book is exactly like how it should be. It attracts the young mind and has a meaningful message within the quirky dialogue. The literature standard is middle grade and the content is filled with fantasy, making it an excellent choice for the youngsters to read.

The character development was spot on. The descriptive nature of the book was one of the strongest I have read and everything came together in a nice flow and was paced very well. I believe the author has great potential in creating powerful stories such as this one. The only thing I would improve is the cover of the book. I believe it does not reflect the rich content and storyline it holds.

I recommend this book to young adult, fantasy readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Sarah Brownlee.


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