Eve Brenner Zombie by Alessia Giacomi (Book Review (#252)

This review was kindly requested by Alessia Giacomi.

Eve Brenner Zombie is the first young adult book, in its series. The story revolves around Eve and her two friends, Cam and Alex. All three of them travel to Egypt for some adventure. Eve mysteriously gets touched by something in a sealed tomb. She begins to see things psychically change about her and as much as she can hide it at first, the symptoms start to take over. Her mission then becomes to find out how she can humanize herself again and she isn’t alone. Her friends are with her all the way.

I enjoyed the dynamic between the three friends. The character development was accomplished very well. The teens were relatable and had flaws in their decision making. Their personalities were individualized which added to the realistic nature of things. I particularly appreciated the fact that the lead character wanted to maintain her human side. Her love interest did not dominate the story, which is what normally happens in YA books, and that added to the quality of the story.


The literature standard, for a debut novel, was outstanding. I barely noticed any structural of editing issues. The author has succeeded in maintaining sufficient backstory and descriptive content to support the plot. I believe this would and the material within the content is very suitable for the age and genre of its audience.

I recommend this book to zombie lovers and young adult fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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