Success is your birthright by R. Stanton Tucker (Book Review #267)

Success is your birthright is a spiritual self-help book that makes you question and re-evaluate your take on life. By using Joseph, a biblical reference, the author takes the reader on a journey explaining how success is measured and that it is not about financial gains or personal achievements, but it is about your relationship with God.

Every person on this planet has either endured hardship or is dealing with day to day troubles. This book takes all this into account and demonstrates the comparison with people who are well known in history and have overcome their trouble through a different way. It also demonstrates how you should deal with the people of reasons that make you go through the hardship in the first place. By reading this book, one can be assured that their perspective will change and as the author aims to provide, he succeeds in doing so.

The work is relatively easy to read and to follow through. The agenda is clear and the notion is set for a better living. Anyone dealing with troubles and aiming to succeed in life by relying on God will enjoy reading this book.

I recommend this book to religious and spiritual readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Christelle, Stanton, Lillie Publishing, LLC.

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