Writing for bliss by Diana Raab (Book Review #266)

Writing for bliss is a psychology self- help book written about ways to heal and deal with trauma and stress, through writing. The author uses this technique in order to tell her story and transforms her life. Writing is therapeutic and she encourages people by supplying them with seven ways on achieving this blissful stage of life.

This, by far is one of the best books I have ever read. It is so organized and well thought out that everyone should have it. From preparing to write, cultivating self-awareness, speaking the truth, to finding your form and sharing your writing, the author displays a rich and well-worth learning experience for a writer.

The book even goes into detail about how you can write about sex and intimacy or write love letters and what to include when revising or editing a piece. There is nothing off topic and everything receives a well in-depth placement in this book.

Anyone searching for a therapeutic way to heal or to deal with trauma can benefit from this book. It encourages you to write a memoir and to keep a diary. I specifically loved how the author invites you to write without thought, making you realize later where your train of thoughts take you and how significant the outcome of it is.

I highly recommend this book to writers, psychology majors and anyone that wishes to heal through writing.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Underrated.com and the author, Diana Raab.  

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