Don’t Mess with Coleman Stoops by Justin Lantier Novelli (Book Review #268)

Don’t Mess with Coleman Stoops is a middle-grade novel written about a twelve-year-old boy named Coleman. His life isn’t easy at school. He is the butt joke of everyone and his feelings towards a particular girl does not make his situation any better. Since the first time, he asked her out and received a flat out ‘No,’ he has been under severe bullying. His character, personality, and behavior all contribute to the setting until a boy named Trey comes along.

With a hand on Coleman’s back, Trey begins to reconstruct, groom and socially repair the damage for this boy. However, Colman is smart and finds this sudden free- one-way exchange to be suspicious and that is where the story takes a very interesting turn.

I found the book to be extremely suitable for its genre. The work is humorous but also discusses the social dilemma parents face with their children at school, nowadays. The pace is just enough to keep the flow going and the chapters are joined and have a nice connectivity to it. There is a subtle witty style of literature embedded within the content. The characters are relatable and Coleman was easy to connect with.

I feel that the author has accomplished to produce a very enjoyable and interesting story for children to read and enjoy. I recommend this book to young readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Justin Lantier Novelli.

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