An Ominous Book by Nancy Foster (Book Review #265)

An Ominous Book is a young adult fantasy novel. Lord Spaulding is an elf that rules the Kasimma Clan. Life is perfect until Trevilin, his best friend, leaves two orphan children at his doorstep. The children are his long-lost relatives. Spaulding falls apart with the arrival of these two kids. He has to adjust to the new life he now has to lead. To top things off, he also has to find a way to bring the children back to where they belong and destroy a piece of sorcery hidden in his castle.

I found the novel to be a very delightful read. The kids were a great addition, to this young adult story and, made this book stand out. I appreciated the thoughtfulness taken into account the children’s characters and the mortal elf’s relationship with them. The chapters and paragraphs had a nice flow throughout the story. Everything was connected and the pace was steady enough to keep you intrigued.

There is a certain fun factor embedded within the content of the story making it ideal for its genre. Sword fighting, magical beasts, elves, adventure, danger, and laughter are all wrapped in this book. The one thing that stands out in this book is the creativity of the author and her skill in describing that in the story. The unexpected ending also adds to his delicious nature of wanting to add to the reader’s interest.

I highly recommend this book for young adults, kids, and fantasy book lovers.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Nancy Foster.

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