The Gone Gods by Frances Gow (Book Review #264)

The Gone Gods is a short book fantasy story about Dan. Dan is married to Anya and they both have a beautiful little girl named Eva. The family dynamics are not so well and when Dan meets a dryad posing as a seductive woman, he falls for her. The dryads have lost their Gods and will do anything to reunite with them. Anya is also not as faithful as Dan either which generates a negligence towards Eva. Things turn for the worse when an incident happens to cause both parents a great deal of pain. The story has a subtle ending to it and somehow wraps the storyline together leaving the reader with an ‘ah’ feeling.

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I particularly enjoyed Crystal, Anya’s friend. Her personality was intriguing and she had this naughty side of her which made the story fun to read. Half way through the story, the narrator changed from the past to the present tense which was confusing. The plot did have a steady flow, however, was cut through by sections moving from one character to the other, ending it all in one segment. I found the literature to be strong and due to it being a fantasy story, it contained the lyrical style of writing which made it enjoyable to envision.

I recommend this book to fantasy readers and people that enjoy short story books.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Frances Gow.

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