The Rose Crown by Catharine Glen (Book Review #263)

The Rose Crown is a dark fantasy novel written about a soldier named Marian who is trying to stop a mysterious cult from restoring a relic of legend. Marian is an Elite soldier and her job is to protect the royal family, however, when an attempt on the king’s life takes place, she is considered to be a suspect. Things are worsened when her injury creates thoughts that are not her own and she realizes that the cult is after her. She isn’t alone though as Henryk, the former mercenary is also making sure the Rose Crown is not to be restored. He and Marian have to face mortal danger in order to prevent devastation from occurring. Darkness is taking over her soul and Marian has to fight from within if she is to survive.

I found the story to be fascinating. The plot was superbly thought out. The two characters had such different personalities and each to its own was delightfully designed to grasp the reader’s interest. The descriptive lyrical writing was in high quality for a dark fantasy novel. The story was smooth and the pace was easy to move with.

I believe the most intriguing part about the whole book was Marian’s loyalty, personality and the fact that she was fighting from her inner self in order to survive. I also enjoyed the subtle romance between the two. The story also consists of twists and turns have you doubt how everything is going to end. This factor created a slight edge to the plot which made the book even more interesting.

I recommend this book to dark fantasy fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Catherine Glen.

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