Pimp in the Pulpit by Thomas Leslie Mcrae (Book Review #279)

Pimp in the pulpit is a fictional short book written about the family dynamics of the everyday norm. The book begins providing the notion that there is a party to be held for Lillian McBride, also known as Lucifer. She is not the most loved mother and no one really wants to partake in this joyful event, therefore, when it gets to the point where the kids have to pay a share of the birthday party, they aren’t too happy about it.

For a 35-page softcopy book, there is a tremendous amount of character introduction in the story. There is no backstory as to why Lucifer is hated so much and the children also have many back and forth of not so much dialogue, but a descriptive explanation on what they are going through in their lives. The Story swaps from different narratives and there isn’t much of a conclusion to put everything together in the end. That is unless life moves on, is to be the summary of things.

I believe the author has potential in creating good literature if he focuses on the direction and goal his work is supposed to take. Character development and backstory are vital for any fiction novel and so, in this case, there is much room for improvement.

Written by Jeyran Main

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One Comment on “Pimp in the Pulpit by Thomas Leslie Mcrae (Book Review #279)

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