Leonardo the Florentine by Catherine Jaime (Book Review #286)

Leonardo the Florentine is a historical fiction about the life, travels, and biography of Da Vinci. This book is a representation of an attempt to provide an insightful and educational view of how Leonardo’s life was before he became the famous Da Vinci.

After reading the book, there is no doubt in the vast and immense knowledge of the author over the subject matter, however, what did transpire within the content may not have been as informational as it could have been. This may have been due to the shortness of the book or, it could have been because a majority of the work focused on building up the foundation of future coming additions?

Having said this, I believe what the book did cover, was Leonardo’s beautiful young life and how he ended to invent and what inspired him. Leonardo, being an Italian Renaissance polymath, whose area of interests included art, architecture, science, mathematics, music, literature and much more, is not an easy job to write about.

The father of paleontology, ichnology and, architecture would most likely need many more pages to represent who he really was.

I recommend this book to anyone that is interested in Leonardo da Vinci, history and enjoys reading on similar topics.

Written by Jeyran Main

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