Our Justice by John W. Howell (Book Review #18)

‘Our Justice’ is the third book in a trilogy written by the same Author. Book 1 is (My GRL) and Book 2 is (His Revenge). I read the third book (Our Justice) having no idea about the other two. I did not even read the description of book 1 or 2 either.

The Author was happy to provide me with the other books, but I thought that this would be a good challenge for me to review the book without having any back-story.

Bad boy John Cannon is a national hero that gets mixed up with a terrorist named Jacobs. He manages to cheat death with near life threatening experiences, explosions, gunfire and many heart-breaking situations that seem unfair for someone that is just trying to do his job.

Most of the time he does not have a clue or a lead as to why these things are happening to him. He has a nice boss that supports him but is also just as clueless. It is as if the terrorist is on to him rather than he is after finding Jacobs. You don’t realize why that is until 77% of the book is read.


This is a very well written, fast-paced book, full of action, fights, drama and many cars destruction, action thriller story. I am almost smiling and a little relieved at the financial implications this story would have endured if the scenes were filmed rather than written. You also have a slight love tale that is always the case for action stories just to keep the merry men happy. Author Howell, has a charming and witty writing skill. His fiction thriller is something I believe Hollywood typically likes to invest in.


Almost from the start, I thought to myself that this is an inside job and that someone is betraying the country, or there is a twist of some sort about to happen! And nope, no jaw dropping event happened. There was no significant twist to the tale. Thank you for keeping me guessing!

I recommend that if you are a John Cannon fan, then you better start reading the series from book one. I believe even though the Author did a good job adding some back story to the third book, you still need to have read the other two to understand everything fully. Also, by reading the book from the start, you will get to have a stronger bond with the characters and the plot in general. Therefore, you will enjoy this book more and have a stronger feeling about it.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, John Howell.

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12 Comments on “Our Justice by John W. Howell (Book Review #18)

  1. Jayran, Thank you for the review. i was glad you were able to enjoy the book without having read the first two. This is always a concern. I liked your comment about reading the first two to get a bond with the character which is good advice on a series. Thank you again. John >

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