Black and White by Nick Wilford (Book Review #288)

Black and white is the first book of its Trilogy. The story focuses on how one should stand for what they believe in, instead of following what others do. The story is set in a perfect world called Whitopolis. This place is where the dreams are made of. There is no dirt, no death, no illness, and everything just works as smoothly as one could imagine. In a world where everyone lives a long life of happiness, where nothing goes wrong, a boy named, Wellesbury lives happily.

When a stranger shows up covered with mud and dirt, everyone thinks he is a demon. To Wellesbury, the new comer, Mallinger is a fascinating subject of intrigue. As he investigates more, he realizes that the new comer is from a different world called, Fusterberry. This world is ravaged by decay and disease. Mallinger is sick and has two weeks to live. Wellesbury and his friend make it their mission to try and save the boy. Along the way, they discover more than what they bargained for.

The first thing I really enjoyed about the book was the novel approach the author has taken into the storytelling. I found the subject of the plot to be extremely interesting and found it fascinating. The literature was also powerful and had a beautiful flow to it.

The interaction between the kids and the character development was another interesting fact about the story. Although there was not much growth from the characters, their personalities were very well laid out. They were relatable and very easy to bond with.

Anyone interested dystopian novels and unique storylines will thoroughly enjoy this book. I highly recommend it.

Written by Jeyran Main

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