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Forgive us by E. T. Gunnarsson (Book Review #1012)

Forgive us is an action-packed post-apocalyptic story that deals with a couple of intertwining storylines that end up meeting up with each other. It begins in the year 2100. Oliver is a lone survivor, then moves on to 50 years after introducing London and… Continue Reading “Forgive us by E. T. Gunnarsson (Book Review #1012)”

Anna: New Los Angeles by Jason Keating (Book Review #277)

Anna is a sci-fi mystery novel. The story is based in the future. It is 2039, and things have changed. Survival is key, and the world has been attacked by a virus eliminating most of its population. Whoever’s left, consider themselves to be the… Continue Reading “Anna: New Los Angeles by Jason Keating (Book Review #277)”