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Judenrein by Harold Benjamin (Book Review #777)

Judenrein is a dystopian thriller that envisions America’s Jews’ fate after a white supremacist cabal seizes power in the federal government. The story begins with Zack Gurevitz, who has an exciting past. He is a Yeshika boy, and as luck has it, the White… Continue Reading “Judenrein by Harold Benjamin (Book Review #777)”

Memoirs of a False Messiah by Pamela Becker (Book Review #643)

Memoirs of a false Messiah is a memoir written about a woman who has a message from God. MiMi has a mission, and that has her move from her mixed religious home to Orthodox Judaism and eventually has her cultivate her own cult.

The Butcher by Alan Kessler (Book Review #574)

The butcher is a young adult novel written in a post-apocalyptical world. The story is about The butcher being the leader of a superior race killing pigs with the intention that they are evil and they are here to destroy their race. Whoever joins… Continue Reading “The Butcher by Alan Kessler (Book Review #574)”