Chapter 2: Lesson 3: First Civilizations – 3500 BC -300 CE


The Assyrians occupied the north parts of Mesopotamia. This is what is now known as north of Iraq. Due to the land being attacked all the time, they decided to fight beforehand instead of just wait and defend. This made them great conquerors. King Sargon II was one of the most important leader of Assyria.

The capital of Assyria, Nineveh, housed one of the world’s first libraries, storing a collection of dried clay tablets.

Eventually, the Assyrians were defeated by the Persians, Medes and the Scythians in 612 BCE.


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3 Comments on “Chapter 2: Lesson 3: First Civilizations – 3500 BC -300 CE

  1. Any time I read about these great ancient civilizations, I am like, we’re nothing but a tiny drop in a massive ocean of human history. Thank you once more, Jeyran. I’ll surely come back for more.


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