Angel by Sebastian Michael (Book Review #33)

This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars.”

Beauty is defined by the beholder. However, in this book Damion is so beautiful that this definition does not apply to him. He is an angel in everyone’s eye. Everyone finds him so attractive and wonderful that they are willing to do anything for him. Such power can be used for doing good or bad.

Damion does have a history, and a fire incident changes everything for him. This book is written magnificently. You will still have the story on your mind for a few days afterward. It is a twisted and psychologically intriguing story of realizing what happens when you rely on one thing your whole life and then to lose it.


Is Damion’s beauty a gift or a curse? That is one thing the reader will be contemplating throughout the whole read. Damion makes many friends, loses some and goes through a much more emotional and overwhelming journey growing up than a normal kid does.

Nothing is average when it comes to Damion and his life. The pace of the story is well written and contains a lot of backstories, which I think, may be bothersome at first. However, towards the end of the read, you realize the reason for it. The build-up of the story gives you a very emotional ending that will make you shed a tear or two.


Sebastian Michael has a very well written tale here. The book does contain suicide, death, unpleasant happenings and sexual content. Damion struggles to find the balance between people loving him for his beauty or for who he is. I found this very welcoming. A society that adores an angel and despises anything is what this story is about. Damion has to find his way, and his decision to save someone’s life changes everything for him. To be loved for whom you are within is very hard.

I recommend this book to everyone. It is twisted, delightful and deep.

Written by Jeyran Main

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7 Comments on “Angel by Sebastian Michael (Book Review #33)

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  2. My bucket list to read is only getting longer and longer. It’s a never ending chaos. However, this book seems like a good catch and apparently, is the new addition to my cognition.


      • I will definitely come back to let you know my thoughts as well. Thank you.


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