Dennis and Greer by Molly Gould (Book Review #303)

Dennis and Greer is a nonfiction love story. It contains a collection of love letters and journals saved between two college students during the Vietnam Era. The story is very heartfelt and beautiful making it feel like it is a fictional story. The horrors of war and how these two lovers encounter it is truly amazing.

The letters are found fifty years after and what transpires is a strikingly real novel, making the reader ponder after it is over. The story is set in the 1960’s and when Greer’s daughter finds these letters, she then enters a world she never knew her mother had gone through.

The other intriguing factor about this book is its character development. Dennis and Greer are not the typical loved-up couple you see in Hollywood. They face trouble and their long-distance relationship does take the toll with time. Dennis is hesitant and less expressive in his feelings where Greer is the opposite. The story feels real because of this and that is what makes this book special.

The literature standard is well written and easy to follow through. The pace is steady and the connection between the paragraphs flows well. I believe anyone wishing to read a touching story and enjoys romance would find this book suitable.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by Molly Gould.

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