Only Wrong Once by Jenifer Ruff (Book Review #316)

Only wrong once is a suspense thriller written about a very powerful ISIS leader plotting to kill innocent lives by hiring a microbiologist. He has this graduate to create a weapon, a virus, and to spread it across the American citizens.

FBI agent Quinn Traynor is adamant to stop his massacre from happening. With the help of Madeline Hamilton, he only has a few days to prevent this horrific incident from happening.

When I began reading this book, I felt that it just sounded too close to home. With everything that is currently happening in the world, this book is a good reminder of what we really are dealing with. The author displays a very realistic suspenseful feel in her writing. The principal characters grow on you and the feeling of wanting to simply demolish the bad guys runs through your veins, as you read the book.

The literature is outstanding and the descriptive nature of the storyline is strong, creating the ability for the reader to easily dive into the action scenes and imagine them as real as you want them to be. I also enjoyed the double dimensional approach the story took. It wasn’t just all about Quinn or Madeline trying to save the world. The reader also gets a glimpse of the other side. How a lonely banker ends up losing his job, and flies to Syria, getting mixed in, with ISIS.

I believe anyone looking to read on an exciting journey filled with delicious action scenes will enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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