Judas and Jezabel: The Tales of a New York Nanny by C.Y.Brown (Book Review 37)


This review is written for Online Book Club.

“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

This is a domestic story about a not so happy, wealthy family. Sharon and Connor do not get along, and divorce is the only way. However, it comes with a price on both ends without hesitating to understand the psychological complications they cause towards their child and the poor nanny taking care of the kid.


Carol is not our everyday Mary Poppins but is just as sweet and caring towards Cindy. She too becomes trapped in the ordeal of the separation. Carol is even put on the spot by being asked to lie for the benefit of Sharon. The story begins by showing how one lives a luxury life and the problems the family faced as a couple.

There some grammatical and structural issues in the book, however, the author’s literary standard was easy to read and to understand. The book was 93 pages, and for me, that is pretty short. The intention of the Author for writing this story is in the introduction of the book. The Author wishes to address how society has adapted materialistic needs in such an active form that in some cases people are willing to sacrifice and replace “love, harmony, and family for the greed of riches.”


Playing a power game over each other is what Sharon and Connor seem to be battling in this tale. It focuses mostly on them rather than the nanny or the child. However, it does discuss the consequences each face due to their greed, lust, and deceiving nature both possess.

I did like that the book displayed a contradiction to what most people think and that is, money brings happiness and that rich people have it all. I also admired the exposure of the psychological impact separation has on children regardless of how nasty it gets.

This book is good for anyone that is looking for a fast, easy read.

Written by Jeyran Main


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