The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books (Book Review #38)


This review was kindly requested by the Author, EXO Books.

This book takes us into the future where people are living on a ship controlled and managed with a strict population law. Live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life until you are 80 and then it is your time to die. Every five years an equal amount of babies are scientifically made and all that have reached 80 years pass on.

Captain Lincoln reaches his time to say his goodbye. This book has a very emotional and moving story. Although I have seen movies and read books that revolve around the concept of time being bought or sold for life, this book was still uniquely written and was in excellent literary standard.

Lincoln celebrates his last day meeting friends and loved ones. I found that to be very sweet. The perception of death is a daunting factor. However, the logistic of things is well explained in this book where Lincoln has enough time to say everything he wants to say before dying. How many times have people wished they had more time to do things they always wanted to do or say the things they wanted to say but couldn’t due to the lack of time? Lincoln knew when the end of the line was and therefore celebrated his last day to the fullest.


The book may come sadly to some and deep to others, yet it does not dwell on the loss but on the valuable time left. As a writer, this is where the skill of EXO’s writing comes to play. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln does not provide a depressing encounter, and you do thoroughly enjoy reading this book. The focus is on Captain Lincoln, but there was still sufficient character building in the tale. The advance science and how the ship and system operates are also explained very well.

I recommend this book to any science fiction lover and reader seeking something innovative to recite.

Written by Jeyran Main

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5 Comments on “The Last Day of Captain Lincoln by EXO Books (Book Review #38)

  1. couldn’t find ‘like’ button – indeed you did a great job here – am marveling at the huge range of types of books you read, Jeyran 🙂


    • Hey Daal, It is so good to see you here. I rather like people sharing the articles. You can still like it on your wordpress reader too though.


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