The Gift Of Noah by Victor Wilkie (Short Book Review #45)


When a blessing knocks on your door do you return it or keep it?

It is almost Christmas and Jayce has been reflecting on her life and situation for a while. She has everything she wants and needs; however she still feels a void in her life. One snowy evening as she is praying to God asking him to show her the way and to give her a sign she hears a knock on her door. A small baby named Noah is being offered to her with a note informing her to keep him, until further notice.

Not sure of what she is supposed to do; Jayce decides to take care of the baby until the mother decides to show up giving her answers. The next day Noah’s mother comes to Jayce’s door and clears up the reason why she cannot have the baby and asks Jayce to be the legal guardian.

Jayce is a businesswoman and has a partner that has asked her to marry him. The baby is not what she was asking for and is definitely going to make a big change in her life. How is she going to cope with all this change? Can she keep the baby and remain living the way she is?

I found this short story to be a sweet little Christmas tale. There was a lot more dialogue than backstory content to the book. The back and forth conversations between Jayce and Kyle were funny, and the pace of the story had a nice motion to it. The overall ending was a surprise but short. This tale has great potential in becoming something bigger, and I look forward to reading more from this Author.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Victor Wilkie.

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