The Diary of an Immortal by David Castello (Book Review #70)

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“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

Steven is a combat medic. He provides first-aid to the wounded in the battlefield until he can get them to a real doctor. This twenty-one-year-old man is facing World War Two with many drama and death related issues. He happens to come across an immortality formula that if consumed once a day, keeps him alive for many years to come. The more he consumes, the more he will live. Alongside the unique feature this pill gives him, he also begins to see visions and gains the ability to have regenerating cells. I mean the ones you see in Wolverine (X-MEN) series.


A person named Dr. Otto Krueger originally designed this formula for Adolf Hitler. The pills are extracted from the liver of the tiger shark. Now that time does not have any value to Steven; he begins to do the things he always wanted, and that is to be a famous musician. As he pursues his dream, he meets a guy named Albert and his niece, Jessica. Albert knows about the immortal formula and where Steven can find the original recipe. They travel to China where the Buddhist monks are aware of the location of these pills. Steven discovers the truth about the tablets and where it originates from alongside the fact that he has to stop the Aryan Messiah from using the immortal tablets and for all the killings in Germany to happen again.

There are many things I would like to touch on. The first and probably the most thing that bothered me about the book was that Steven has a sick father that is dying. However, he does not insist on having his father take them. He instead offers it to his love interest. I believe, based on what he feared most, living an immortal life alone is probably the only reason why he does that.
The second thing that I believe is worth mentioning is that the story not only has in-depth references to the Buddhism, Dalai Lama, and monks, it also mentions Jesus. I believe that it was unnecessary and without it, the story would have been just as intriguing.


There is a really cool twist to the plot, and that is the third thing I would like to talk about. Steven meets someone earlier on in the story, and he not only meets this person at the end but also it comes with a big reveal and an even bigger announcement.

I liked the fast pace of the story and the fact that it was full of action. The concept of the tale was strong. Immortality, having no restrictions, having the world as your oyster being anything you want, doing anything you want is a fabulous notion. To live forever, never be sick or to heal as soon as you do would be something that anyone would love to have. On the other side, to outlive everyone and to watch them leave as you stay on is very hard. To be on a road where it never ends can be tiring.

I believe the story can take on a second series if the Author wishes to pursue the adventure as there were enough content for the reader to want to know more.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes historical fiction.

Written by Jeyran Main

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