The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri (Book Review #69)


True to its name, The Temptation of Dragons is a fantasy novel about a priest girl wandering in a world where dragons, vampires, werewolves, and unicorns live.

The whole story I believe pans out as a love interest following Raven, the dragon, falling in love with Penny.

The world of Lloegyr speaks Welsh, and this is also where all the animals live. Have you ever read about Christian vampire bishops? There are also references to mixed species marrying each other or being together. I was not sure how the physicality of the whole thing was going to work out.

The story has funny passages and unlike what you would think, is not twisted or shady. The plot is definitely original, and the religious aspect of the story does add a refreshing touch to the fictional tale. I was not a big fan of the connection Penny and the story had with Doctor Who and Buffy. I thought it was unnecessary and would have been just as nice emphasizing on her religious background and the wonderful world she had traveled to.

The Author does a fabulous job on visually drawing this world in our mind. Very few authors have this skill or can take advantage of this ability to literally assist the reader with fully understanding the backstory and world-building of their tale.

Penny’s nature is sweet. She has an innocent and pure mentality. Penny has been suffering a loss and has her own problems. It was nice that she always meant well for the animals. She assists our dying dragon and befriends these really weird biologically combined animals like a snail shark or a gryphon, which is an animal that is half cat/bird.

The literature is easy to understand considering its complexity of the world it yields you into. The ending was beautiful, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

I recommend this book to anyone that wishes to read something different in the fantasy genre.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Chrys Cymri.

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