String the Cranberries by Caroline Clemens (Book Review #66)

String the cranberries is a short story written about Brandon and Leia. It is a love story and written as a Christmas Novella. Brandon is a 25-year-old bachelor that happens to hear of an advertisement asking for help at a farm from his friend Sam. Brandon asks Sam’s advice as he trusts him and takes a step towards applying for the position. Brandon travels to Wyoming. As he arrives, he meets Tracey, a hardworking man that keeps to himself.

He takes Brandon to the farm and introduces him to everyone. Brandon has to stay at the bunkhouse, and that is where he will be living for the duration of his stay. This is where Brandon meets Leia. The way they meet is a little weird and not as well written as the rest of the story, however; the build-up makes you forget that. Leia is sweet and innocent. She hasn’t been or done anything crazy in her life. Her existence is to take care of her sick mom and accomplish the routine chores. Meeting Brandon, a guy from Chicago, is exciting for Leia. Maybe he could save her from her never changing life.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The conversations between the characters and their personalities were drafted in such a way that it was easy to bond with the characters. It was like two people meeting up and suddenly finding each other easy to talk to and to get along with. They shared common interests and saw each other intriguing, and the more time they spend together, the more they realized that they are meant for each other.

A devastating phone call has Brandon packing everything and going back to Chicago, where his family lives. This leaves Leia upset, as she does not get a note of why this has happened and has no way to find him. Leia is also carrying a significant parcel, which she needs to find Brandon and inform him about.

The story had a steady pace and a gentle plot. It is a short story with plenty of characters and little need for backstory. The lives of every character were drawn neatly, and they all had their own small problems and drama to deal with. The Author makes this story easy to read and to understand. There are no literary mistakes, typos or anything annoying, which was a pleasant surprise.

I would recommend this book to anyone that likes to read a beautiful fictional short story.

Written by Jeyran Main

This Review was kindly requested by the Author, Kim Troike.

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