Gamers and Gods: The Complete Trilogy by Matthew Kennedy (Book Review #77)

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“I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.”

Gamers and Gods is a trilogy about a population that lives online in a game world. This world consists of realms, avatars, and characters, each taking part in battles and game quests. The book uses intense gamer’s terminology that may not be familiar to all.

The Gods wish to take control over PanGames, the human race. PanGames is a company where the leaders of the virtual games are located. The games consist of role-playing, and there is a champion at the end of each book signifying the finale. The battles are planned by the Gods.

There are many characters introduced in the book. However, the ones I mention here, in my opinion, are the most important. Darla is a student studying engineering and Farker is the head of information for the company of PanGames. Farker is later on promoted to become the CIO of PanGames. Cheiron is a centaur that raises heroes. Manny & Elizabeth are Darla’s parents, and Aes is a demigod physician. Alexanor is the son of Machaon (Aes’s son) and Sekhmet (quantum goddess).

There is a dream world and a real world. In the dream world, the Gods are in charge, and so they draw the images. If the characters in the real world are not available, for instance, sleeping, then the image does not show. The Gods remove the dream image of the character.

Every book is a battle between the Gods fighting for self-determination of Earth’s humans.

The story of Aes was fascinating. He thinks that his body dies in the real world while he is in the dream world and so instead of going to the underworld he is trapped in the dream world. The truth is actually unknown. They think that Farker created him to be a healer. Is this game character or code developing free will? Aes has emotions and is talking back like a human but is he really a human? Cheiron has some answers for Aes’s condition, and the story happens to take a very interesting twist of events. Aes and Darla also become attached emotionally. This added a little romance to the whole scene. Aes has to fight Am-he, the quantum God of the children of Nuit, in the championship battle to end the game.

If the children of Nuit send in another Egyptian God in the pit, the humans have to have someone like Aes to battle for them. Since Aes is not coming back, his son needs to take his place. His son is unborn at the time and is carried by Darla. Darla is pregnant in the dream world but not in the real world.

PanGames plots against Machaon and the whole gang has to defend him as well as his son Alexanor, is chosen to fight in the final battle. The whole thing became intertwined and connected answering many questions and creating a hypothesis, making it a great tale to read.

I have to admit that I found this trilogy to be very hard to follow. Although the characters were constantly in game mode and the conversations were just about games, I found it hard to attach myself to any one of them. I found the story involved with the God’s to be more appealing.

There are also references to heavy topics such as Greek mythology and philosophical terminology and questions. I found the blend to be inconsistent and unnecessary.

There are many grammatical and typo errors in the books. For example, I noticed “an women” where it should be “a women” or “he” is written instead of “she.” It was a shame as the content was rich.


The books do consist of originality in plot, and the literary standard was up to speed. However, they failed to grab my interest in the first book. As I got to the second and third book, my interest then grew. It became very complicated but intriguing. The Author definitely has a great mind to create such a plot.

I would recommend this book for people that only seek and know of the world of gaming.

Written by Jeyran Main


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