Remote Viewer: Shadow Rescue by Rhonda Armbrust (Book Review #76)

Jazz is the heroine of this thrilling story. She has a sensitive background having lost her parents when she was a child. However, this does not affect her emotions and judgment. She is very decisive and firm. Her relationships, on the other hand, struggle. Jazz cannot keep a relationship due to her job and the inability of giving her heart. She is a remote viewer, which makes her a valuable asset. Jazz is kidnapped by the Chinese members of a secret society for a promise she has made and forgotten about. They wish to hire her so she can spy and locate some Chinese assassins.

There is a romantic attachment between her and a man named Aidan, which was sweet. Aidan is a psychologist, so he understands Jazz better than herself. As the mission is compromised, Jazz finds herself in a very sticky situation. The story takes her from America to China where she not only pursues her endeavor but also falls in a situation where she is adamant in saving more than a few lives.

I found the book to be absorbing. The plot is super novel, and it is an ongoing drama, full of thriller and action which keeps you intrigued without any rests. There are references to sensitive topics and human rights issues, which I found appealing. In addition, the author represents a strong female lead in the story, which adds a sweet flavor of independence for the young mind.

The character building may have suffered due to the rush in the pace of the story, however, by the end, it does leave you satisfied and well informed. The ending leaves you with just enough juice in wanting to know what happens next.

I recommend this book to mystery, thriller suspense readers and look forward to reading more from this Author.

Written by Jeyran Main

This review was kindly requested by the Author, Rhonda Armburst.

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