Health, Tips, Myths, And Tricks: A Physician’s Advice” by Morton E. Tavel (Book Review #114)

[Following is an official review of “HEALTH TIPS, MYTHS, AND TRICKS: A Physician’s Advice” by Morton E. Tavel]

Health tips, myths, and tricks is a fitness, well-being and dieting book written by Morton E. Tavel. Within this book, the author offers an insightful look into differentiating between what is fake and real in the health industry. In addition, the author proposes many substitutes to our bad eating habits and provides health advice. The advice and suggestions are all based on either the author’s opinion or the results of numerous studies.

The entire book is divided into three sections, and each section covers many topics such as coffee consumption, the effects of green tea, chocolate being bad or good, foods to avoid, alcohol, smoking, how to lose weight, and much more. Nothing is confusing about the title and what this book offers. They both work hand in hand to assist the reader in providing better choices and knowledge. By the end of the book, you are fully informed and satisfied with knowing the truth about pretty much most health issues. Continue Reading…


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