If I was a Caterpillar by Ben Jackson & Sam Lawrence (Book Review #120)

This review was requested by Ben Jackson.

This children’s book focuses on the possibilities of being more than what you are. To fly, imagine, dream and aim for anything your heart desires.

If I was a Caterpillar, is about this cute green insect wondering and dreaming about climbing the tallest tree, bouncing like a kangaroo, and floating across the lake. These are things that a Caterpillar may psychically not be able to do but has every right to dream about, and that is the message taken from this wonderful book.

The illustrations, color combinations, and the drawings are wonderfully put together. The wordings are easy for children, and the layout is beautifully structured.

I particularly enjoyed the part where he wishes to wear a different pair of shoes on each of his legs.

I always admire and recommend books that have strong messages embedded in them and value it more when it is for children. I highly recommend this book not just because it is fun but also because the message within makes a big difference in a child’s mind. It is good to let them know that by working hard and wanting something really bad, you will succeed.

Written by Jeyran Main

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